Shannon by Henry Gross (Lifesong, 1976)

I’ll keep the disappearing animal theme going by including this Top 10 hit from 1976. Henry was a guitarist & member of Sha Na Na when he left in 1970. His career was fairly aimless in the early 70s, as was Sha Na Na’s. And the guy that replaced Henry in the group OD’d in 1974. But that doesn’t compare to the mourning laid down on this track.

This song was supposedly written about Carl Wilson’s dog. If you ever had a pet who died you know how devastating it can be. Henry, though, sings it as if Pearl Harbor, the Holocaust and 9-11 happened to his dog at the same time right in front of his eyes. As Henry sings he is completely paralyzed and speechless, so speechless in fact that he doesn’t even tell his mama what’s going on and feels OK about this lack of information. The dog died, Henry. You don’t think your mom is gonna wonder where Shannon is? This guy’s is such a basket case, he hopes papa comes home and tells her for him.

Eventually it seems she finds out and immediately enters the denial stage. But truly it seems that she thinks she has to be strong for the family. I mean look at poor Henry. He’s just a big puddle over there.

But then things get confusing. Henry is hoping that she’s drifting out to sea. Did he flush it down the toilet like a dead goldfish? How big was this dog anyway? Maybe he threw her on a passing garbage barge traveling down to Florida as a tribute to her love for swimming and shady island trees.

Henry, for the love of God, no more pets until you see a counselor.

BTW whoever made this video is a sadist

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     /  November 16, 2011



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