Get Down by Gilbert O’Sullivan (MAM, 1973)

Gilbert O’ Sullivan is a crazy bastard.

First, he changed his name to Gilbert O’Sullivan. Second, he wrote hit songs about killing himself and professing his undying love to his niece. Then we have this: a song about telling his “dog” to get down, on the good foot, I presume. Or at least that’s what he wants us to think. He puts so many vague entendres in the song we’re not sure if he’s talking to his dog or a woman he treats like a dog. His bitch, if you will. He calls the “dog” baby, which might be the first giveaway. Also, he tells the “dog” to keep their hands to themselves. Haven’t yet met a canine with hands.

Then the bridge talks about how he gets all liquored up and feels good drinking a little wine (must have low tolerance), which turns him into a cat on a hot tin roof. So now he’s an alcoholic Paul Newman? Did his best friend die? Did he kill his dog? What are you doing to this woman? By the way, it seems Gilbert loves spending time on the top of buildings.

Basically, it just devolves into another 70s song where the words “Get Down” have nothing to do with disco (see also Dancing Shoes by Nigel Olsson), which culminates with ol’ Gil stating, “I don’t give a damn!”

Gilbert O’ Sullivan is a crazy bastard.

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