A Little More Love by Olivia Newton-John (MCA, 1979)

If you were a young boy in the late 70s, one of your more pivotal moments in puberty might be when Olivia Newton-John turned from a wholesome country girl into a slut right before our very eyes. She was singing sweet songs like Have You Ever Been Mellow and Please Mr. Please when she got the lead in a movie version of the off-Broadway musical, Grease. Now, remember, we didn’t have many chances to see singers on TV, outside of variety and talk shows, so if you followed her career, the transformation literally happened without warning in 1978 at the end of Grease when ONJ walks out into the school carnival in a tight off the shoulder shirt, tight black spandex pants and red high heel Candies with teased out hair, whory makeup smoking a cigarette and seductively tells Travolta, “Tell me about it, stud.”

Now it was official: Olivia is totally hot. At least that’s what her next album would be called with its lead-off single, A Little More Love. Only 6 months before she was Hopelessly Devoted to You. Now you had about 15 minutes before she moved on to the next one. At least that’s the way she looks as she sings it. The lyrics talk about the night dragging its feet and Liv being alone in the heat, which actually sounds torturous. Then some guy she can resist has her way with her and splits. She thinks about fighting it, then thinks, what’s the point? Maybe she figures, if I keep doing this guy, he’ll eventually stick around, and I give him a happy ending.

3 years later, she wanted to get Physical and have someone Make A Move On Me. Man, was she begging for it. Hit songs, I mean.

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