How Do You Do? by Mouth and MacNeal (Philips, 1972)

While we’re on subject of songs that made me go crazy as a kid, this song makes me go crazy as an adult too. I would stomp around the house or the backyard, pretending to smash anything that got in my way when this 45 was playing.

In the early 70s, Dutch pop was a tasty export on the charts. With hit singles by The Tee Set, George Baker & Golden Earring, the time was right for something dumb and catchy. This Netherlands duo – nice band name, rolls right off the tongue – hit the Top 10 in the summer of 1972 with this troglodytic anthem, but I have no idea why. This song is such a trainwreck, and I guess people like to stare at trainwrecks even if it’s with their ears. By the way Mouth has often been referred to as the Dutch Joe Cocker.

Now M&M did not write this, they just tried to sing it and make it comprehensible. If their English was limited they did a good job. Here is the verse sung by M1, which is virtually repeated by M2:

Once I said I wanted you, I don’t remember why
I often wonder if it’s true that you could make me cry
I only know it’s long ago You said I love you too
But I got one solution left: We’re gonna start anew

Is this a love song? Breakup song? Get back together song? All I know is that it seems to be written by an eight-year old. The sentiment here is, “uh I think I want you, but I’m not sure. I can’t remember if you make me cry or if I want you. Maybe I said I love you. Again a little fuzzy with the memories. I mean it’s been 3 days since our rendezvous in the bathroom of a Burger King. All I know is this: you said you love me, so thanks for that and we’re gonna restart this relationship, even though I don’t remember it in the first place.”

So after this romantic retelling of an affair that just won’t die, she replies with, “How do you do? I thought, why not, na-na, na-na.“, which I assume is Dutch code for ‘let’s share a space brownie and get busy near a dike”. I guess that now explains the stomp-like chorus.

And when that banging is done, the lady replies with the same ‘who are you, I don’t remember?’ stuff. How much chronic are they smoking over there that they can’t remember who they were just with or met and have to reintroduce themselves to each other over & over?

Take a look at this video. It may explain this instant amnesia.

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  1. W.B.

     /  September 18, 2021

    You would think this would be a massive hit in the UK as well, but – surprise, surprise! – this didn’t even chart over there. (On the other hand, their lone UK charted hit was something called “I See A Star” which they performed in the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest, but didn’t do bupkis here.)

    If Big Mouth (the full moniker of M1) was considered the Dutch Joe Cocker, then what equivalent is Maggie MacNeal (she’s M2) considered?

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