45 Break: Misheard Lyrics

Many people have talked about this phenomenon. Some people have written unfunny books about the subject. And there’s a website dedicated to the subject, which seems more like a platform for hack comics. I have gotten very upset throughout the years when I have realizes that I have been singing the wrong lyrics to a song.

Nowadays we have mp3s and digital radio, high-end speakers, music lyric websites. Back then all you was a wavering AM frequency and our ears. Everything now is recorded with such clarity, so much so that you realize that no one is saying anything interesting.

So was it the cheap plastic speakers in our Tradeline van that had me think that ELO was ‘spoiling the sherbet‘ in Living Thing? Was it my active imagination that made me think that Steely Dan told Peg, it’s her favorite fuckin movie? They’re not funny, I know. But I bring it up because in future posts I will make mention of those times that I gleefully & confidently sang along to words that no one wrote and no one was singing.

And the internet is not helping. Here is one site’s version of the lyrics to Drivers Seat. And here’s the official version from Sniff N The Tears. Either way I’m crushed. I swore he was ‘drivin’ not jivin on a Saturday night. Damn it he has to be drivin! He’s not sitting in the Jiver’s Seat!

BTW: I only realized a few years back when I looked at a lyric sheet that in the song, Go Home by Stevie Wonder, that it wasn’t ‘she only wanted two peoples to meet‘, it was ‘she only wanted to be close to me‘. The way Stevie writes lyrics sometimes, it made sense to me

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