Eighteen With A Bullet by Pete Wingfield (Island, 1975)

One of the more cleverly written pop songs to make the Top 20 in the 70s was this 45 from keyboardist Pete Wingfield. Using his background as a journalist he incorporated music industry lingo as a double entendre to pick up some chic or at least someone who reads Cashbox magazine. For those who need an explanation: when a song is on the charts at a certain position ‘with a bullet’, that means it has the most potential to keep growing and climbing up the survey. And eventually, the song lived up to its title. Billboard Magazine stated on November 22, 1975 –  “Eighteen With A Bullet” is at 18, with a bullet.

Part of the song’s appeal also stems from the fact that it was recorded in a doo-wop style. With 50s nostalgia picking up steam, the song got picked up and played at many 70s sock hops. My favorite line in the whole song still has to be “Be my A-side baby. Be B-side me.”

Pete would go to play in the Olympic Runners and produce sessions with various artists, including Van Morrison, Paul McCartney, The Pasadenas, Dexy’s Midnight Runners, The Proclaimers and others.

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