You Make Me Feel Like Dancing By Leo Sayer (Warner Bros, 1977)

Leo really ‘Gibbs’ it up on his first #1 channeling his inner Barry, who only 5 months previous was sitting at the top telling folks, ‘You should Be Dancing‘. And even though this light pop disco shuffler didn’t make it into the clubs, it did chart in the Top 50 of the R&B charts. Leo left his sad clown days behind and jumped aboard the blue-eyed soul express which was really gathering steam in 1976. This song even won a Grammy for best R&B song in 1978. Say wha? All of this will be featured in an upcoming movie bio of the week, The Show Must Go On: The Leo Sayer Story starring Jesse Eisenberg.

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Ok back to the song. So what makes Leo feel like dancing? It seems that it’s being the servant in a bondage relationship. She snaps her fingers and he comes just like a dog on a leash. And I’m not sure Leo’s down with this. He tries acting like he’s happy being awake at 3:45 am but he doesn’t want her to turn off the light. God knows what she’s gonna do him – hook his nipples up to an electrode machine. That’ll make you feel like dancing alright. Maybe that why he’s gonna catch on fire. He’s going from being waterboarded to electrocuted – all in the name of love. Might explain his afro too.

Check out this Midnight Special performance with Leo spazzing around. Also love it when the band particularly the drummer gets into it during the bridge.

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  1. Donna Philben

     /  March 29, 2015

    They’re using an american actor to play Leo Sayer in a movie? It isn’t easy to fake a British accent.


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