After the Lovin by Engelbert Humperdinck (Epic, 1977)

Engelbert Humperdinck was a 19th century German composer, most famous for his opera, Hansel & Gretel. Then along came Arnold Dorsey, who decided in 1965 to change his name to the aforementioned composer, to jumpstart a career as a pop singer. Are you kidding me? But against all common sense it worked. He hit #1 in the UK in 1967 with Release Me keeping the Beatles Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields Forever 45 out of the top spot. Oh, the horror! No diss Engy, but give me that Beatles 45 over a destined to be sung at the Ramada Inn ballad any day.

He had a decent career here in the US during the late 60s, especially if your grandma bought records. But by the early 70s he started to disappear out of view. Unless you lived in Las Vegas. So After The Lovin’ was a comeback of sorts, climbing all the way to #8 in early 1977. It is one of my favorite karaoke songs to sing, cause you really dig deep, especially at the key change towards the end. And it looks good when you’re holding a drink in your hand as you sing it, preferably some Scotch on the rocks.

It’s kind of funny to think that people regarded this as a romantic song because it has that burgundy tuxedo loungy vibe all over it. And what women wants to hear you sing a song after you’re done doing it? (I think that was the original title) Shut up and let me catch my breath or some zzzs. And I know EH didn’t write this, but some of these lyrics are ridiculous.

So I sing you to sleep after the lovin’
With a song I just wrote yesterday
And I hope you can hear
What the words and the music have to say.

How can she hear the words if she’s asleep? And by the way it’s not the song that’s making her sleepy. But if it is, you might want to look at a new career.

It’s so hard to explain everything that I’m feelin’
Face to face I just seem to go dry.

Go dry? What women wants to hear that you’ve gone dry?

Thanks for takin’ me on a one way trip to the sun.
And thanks for turnin’ me into someone.

So who are you now? Icarus? A one way trip to the sun is like a death sentence, so yeah thanks for killing me.

So I sing you to sleep after the lovin’
I brush back the hair from your eyes.
And the love on your face is so real that it makes me want to cry.

Nothing like being with someone who cries after sex.

And I know that my song isn’t sayin’ anything new.
Oh, but after the lovin’ I’m still in love with you.

So then why did you bother to write it? Give her a cigarette or let her go to sleep. But at least do her a favor and shut the fuck up.

All I can think of personally when I hear this song is my parents going to see him live at the Colonie Hill which was a country club that had a lounge, a bit of Vegas showroom on Long Island, the velvetty wallpaper, etc. I guess if you can’t get Tom Jones tickets, he would be the next best thing.

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