Feels So Good by Chuck Mangione (A&M, 1978)

Chuck Mangione is a flugelhorn player who started out as a jazz bop player and ended up having one of the most recognizable jazz pop singles of all time. He had almost decades of playing & recording under his belt when he made the Feels So Good LP in 1977 with the title track hitting the Top 5 in the Spring of 1978. The LP version ran three times as long as the 45 – Chuck must have felt really good.

When the opening guitar strums and ride cymbals begin, I know to lay back and chill. And by the time Chuck starts his familiar melody, I know have 3+ minutes of funky bliss coming to me. I’m sure Wynton Marsalis and other jazz purists would wipe this song with their butt, but I don’t care. Good music is good music and this is a well crafted, well-performed and produced song. And if I hum the melody around my wife, she’ll have it in her head the rest of the day. That’s gotta mean something. I mean listen to that solo by “General” Grant Geissman. He tears it up. That’s my favorite part of the song.

Side note: A friend of mine took piano lessons from sax player Chris Vadala’s wife back in the 70s and had a major crush on her. That’s what he thinks about when he hears this song.

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  1. The only two songs I know by Chuck Mangione are Feel’s So Good and Give It All You Got. The day’s always better when one of them shuffles up on the iPod.

  2. This is the song that made me want to keep playing trumpet when I was thinking of giving up the school band. I was in junior high at the time.

  1. Lay Down Sally by Eric Clapton (RSO, 1978) | 7 Inches of 70s Pop

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