Undercover Angel by Alan O’Day (Pacific, 1977)

No one was more surprised than Alan O’Day when his song, Undercover Angel was a hit. Sure he had written hits for other artists (Rock & Roll Heaven by the Righteous Brothers, Angie Baby by Helen Reddy). But he had only released one album as a solo artist 4 years earlier and it had flopped. So when Warner Bros set up the Pacific record label for its songwriting artists, they probably felt they were doing a favor rather than making a serious investment. Either way, it paid off with Undercover Angel hitting #1 in 1977.

What’s the deal with Alan’s fascination with sex & the surreal? In Angie, he creates a world where a young girl gets off having a peeping tom sex slave hidden in her radio. In Angel, he regresses to a 13-year old boy who fantasizes about a screwing some chic who appears out of nowhere to hang out under his cover. (Get it… under (the) cover(s) angel). Kind of makes Janis Joplin jamming with Bobby Darin in Rock & Roll Heaven seem poetic and beautiful.

But forget the dream that makes sweet love to Al…that’s not the best part. The best part is that he is using this story to hit on a real chic to be his in-the-flesh undercover angel. So imagine that you’re a woman sitting alone at the bar. A guy comes up to you, buys you a drink and starts to telling you that he needs to sleep with you because a dream came to him and begged him to have sex with her, so that he would know what to look for in a woman. And now he thinks he’s found her, but needs to get it on with you to be sure.

Man, that Alan is pretty smooth. Try and resist this:

Truth be told, I wanted Cheryl Ladd to be my undercover angel.

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