Maybe I’m Amazed by Wings (Capitol, 1977)

Of all the Solo Beatles work, I’ve always gravitated to Paul’s the most. He was definitely the most prolific, releasing an average of an LP each year during the 70s and racking up 27 Top 40 hits with of them #1s. He definitely wrote the catchiest songs of the 4. And while Let Em In isn’t Yesterday, it sure isn’t Bangla-Desh or Woman Is The Nigger Of The World. Paul is a pop music songsmith – always was, always will be.

Yet some critics held Paul to a higher standard based on his Beatles output (or at least their nostalgia of the Beatlemania). A tune like My Love, which hit #1 for 4 weeks in 1973, just wasn’t good enough for most people. They said Paul was too soft. He lost his edge. He was writing a love song for his wife – what’s the big deal, people? Paul kinda shrugged it off, but decided to respond via song and wrote Silly Love Songs, asking, Some people wanna fill the world with silly love songs and what’s wrong with that? The song reached #1 in 1976…for 5 weeks! That’s how good Paul was. He could diss you with a bigger hit.

For me though, Paul was at his best when he wrote love songs about Linda and none was better than Maybe I’m Amazed. It was first recorded on his debut solo LP, McCartney back in 1970. When Wings went out on their tour across America, Paul serenaded the crowds and his wife with this ballad. They released it as a 45 in late 1976 from the Wings Over America live triple album and hit the Top 10 in 1977. Whereas Paul’s original version was short and simple, the 1976 version had more muscle and soul, provided by Jimmy McCulloch’s guitar solos and Paul absolutely singing his heart out.

Through my years, as a child listening to this song with a stereo speaker pressed near a window, laying in the backyard grass as the sun dappled through our forsythia bush, to standing front & center in a Lexington, Kentucky arena in 1990 watching Paul serenade his wife once more in front of my eyes, to sharing the song with my wife when we first met 20 years ago, to hearing the refrain echo in my head as I watched my daughter enter this world, this song will always hold a special place in my heart.

Thank you, Paul.

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  1. I think that if the Beatles had recorded this for Let It Be (which it would have have fit nicely on) it would have been number one for ten weeks. For me it sits at the very top of the McCartney rock ballad tree.


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