I Like Dreamin’ By Kenny Nolan (20th Century, 1977)

Kenny Nolan was writing hit song after hit song in the mid-70s. So he decided to cut out the middle man and have though checks go right into his pocket. In late 1976 he released his first solo LP and a big #3 hit with I Like Dreamin’, a song that was perfect for a prom, wedding, folks playing the Lotto or two young lovebirds sitting by the fire with a glass of Almaden. It was My Eyes Adored You if the singer was in his room alone rather than singing to his lost love.

Ok who are we kidding? It’s about masturbating. Am I right? I like dreamin cause dreamin can make you mine...? Clearly this dude was spending more solo time in his bedroom than down at the Regal Beagle. Too cynical? Maybe. Or maybe it’s his fault cause he doesn’t go all out with his fantasies like some of us do. The best he can come up with is walking along the shores of a beach in St. Thomas. Clearly he just got the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, maybe with the Sylvander sisters or an older one with Cheryl Tiegs. Well, then I can’t blame him. But I wouldn’t just be hand in hand, kissin’ in the sand, living out the scene in From Here To Eternity.

But Ol’ Kenny likes dreamin’, closing my [his] eyes and feeling fine. His words, not mine. Then somehow he dreams progress and sees two little kids with this woman. He knocks up his fantasy in his dreams? What the hell – how about a little honeymoon period at least. Some might call this sweet. I think it’s a bit creepy to start whacking it to cover model and then start thinking about the children you’re gonna have with her. He likes holding you close and touching your skin, even if it’s in my [his]mind.

I don’t see how anyone can listen to this song and not think Kenny is a pervert. Remember this guy wrote Lady Maramalade, so we know he likes prostitutes. Never laid on hand on you, he made Frankie Valli sing. This guy hasn’t had any real relationships, but talks about it all the time. Either he’s 13 or he’s a serial killer.

Listen and you decide:

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  1. "Pokey"

     /  May 8, 2012

    And to add to the “pervert” songs, look at one of less “perv” songs, who it was BACKED by [Disco Tex’s “Get Dancing”]-THE SEX-O-LETTES!! Steve J.Carras

  2. Nice confession .. How about Kenny Nolan’s You’re So Beautiful Tonight ;o)


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