Reunited by Peaches And Herb (Polydor, 1979)

“Okay, everybody. It’s couples skate only. All singles, please leave the rink floor.”

“Man, if only I had a girlfriend right now. I could be holding her hand and skating around the rink with her. Instead, I’m here plugging quarters into Space Invaders while the smells of burnt popcorn and pizza invade my nostrils.”

Of course, I was only 7 when this song came out, and I could barely skate at all. But many others used this 45 as the ultimate opportunity to fire up that broken down romance, whether in the roller rink, discos, or living room. Reunited by Peaches & Herb sold over 2 million 45s in 1979. Ironically Herb didn’t reunite with his former Peaches but instead found a fresh one, with some help by friend Van McCoy. In total, there have been 6 different ‘Peaches’ of various ages and race. But none more successful than the one with singer Linda Greene.

Reunited was written by Dino Fekaris & Freddie Perren, who were surprised earlier in the year when their Gloria Gaynor smash, I Will Survive hit #1 for 3 weeks. But Reunited, the 2nd Top 10 single from P&H’s 2 Hot LP, spent the entire month of May 1979 at the top as well as on the R&B charts, just in time for prom season. Surprisingly it only made #4 on the Adult Contemporary charts. Huh? This is the definition of a slow jam. I guess it was still too urban for a few folks. I also read that Herb Fame has lived off of the royalties from this one tune, and he didn’t write it or own the publishing…damn!

The biggest reason this song crossed over and was so popular is because it can be played at various events, no matter the group of people, and it always seems oddly appropriate. I always thought that if United Airlines filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy that 7 years later, this would be the perfect song to play at the annual corporate meeting. We all know this got heavy rotation at just about every high school dance that year. What better song for Robby to forgive Julie for hanging out with some cruiser in a Trademark van, never mind that they were popping caps in the back? And can you imagine hearing this at a wedding? That couple must have gone through some serious shit to get to the altar.

What most people probably don’t realize is that Reunited really isn’t a song about being together forever or finding the one you love. It’s about 2 lonely horny people trying to talk each into banging again. Herb talks about how lonely is and that he knows he’s in love cause he wants her bad. When does that ever work as a line on a girl? She’s no better. She knows she’s in love cause she needs his touch. So which part of the body put on a missing persons report on Herb’s ‘touch,’ do you suppose? Then Herb booty calls Peaches, and she gets so hot and bothered she wants to give him whatever he wants, immediately. No foreplay. No talking things out. Just some of that good finger twirl of Herb’s….hey hey. Remember, there’s one perfect fit…

My wife and I sang this years ago at a Halloween karaoke party at a bar, and by the time the song was over, it got very quiet and awkward. Maybe it was because we looked like this:

At least we didn’t molest each other like these two below…jeez, get a room, guys…

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  1. Power Stache!


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