Go Back by Crabby Appleton (Elektra, 1970)


The name Crabby Appleton might not ring any bells, but he was the arch-nemesis to Tom Terrific in the obscure late 50s cartoon of the same name, which aired during Captain Kangaroo. That’s also the name that the L.A. band, Stonehenge changed it to and had their only Top 40 hit in 1970. Go Back ended up peaking at #36 in July of 1970.

It’s a great slice of power pop before the genre was even named, enough muscle for the FM crowd and catchy as hell for the AM tuners. That this song stalled so low and the band had no further Hot 100 hits is a mystery to me. Lead singer and main songwriter Michael Fennelly has a great pop voice suited for radio and their first album had lots of other potential singles such as The Other Side and Lucy.

I first this track on the Super Hits of the 70s collection that Rhino put out in late 1990 and immediately dug into it. At the time when it was charting, there was nothing else that sounded like it on the radio, but there were so many good pop, rock & soul songs at the time, they probably just got lost in the shuffle.

This is a performance from What’s Happenin’ (not the one with Raj, Rerun & Dwayne). Hang with John Byner and those groovy chicks to hear these guys rock out on the beach…

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