Baby Hold On by Eddie Money (Columbia, 1978)



1977 was not the best year for a straight-up rock artist to breakthrough with a new career, what with the advent of punk tearing down everything around them, crudely poking fun at the wealthy dinosaurs of music who got rich off the counterculture. Also, the disco tsunami was about to inundate the mainstream for the next two years until we had to metaphorically and physically blow it up.

But here was Edward Mahoney recording in Los Angeles in July of 1977, immune to any potential trends, just trying to get a little success in a fickle industry, hoping to validate his choice not to follow in the family footsteps of career policeman. Eddie heard another call and moved to the West Coast in the late 60s. He toiled for nearly a decade before changing his name and securing a recording contract with Columbia after Bill Graham heard him perform. Even with Bill as his manager and a debut album packed with solid pop-rockers that Eddie wrote or co-wrote as well as a Miracles cover, popularity was no sure thing. Eddie said I’m gonna take you to the top.

The first single, Baby Hold On, was released at the height of Bee Gees mania, and it began to climb the Hot 100 charts during the week when the Brothers Gibb had written 4 of the Top 5 songs. It entered the Top 40 on April 8, 1978, when the Gibbs owned half of the Top 10. Their hold was strong but not enough to keep Eddie down and by the time he peaked at #11 in early June, Money had turned his own dreams into reality. You know, the future’s lookin’ brighter.

Eddie ended up with 11 Top 40 hits stretching his success into the mid-90s. He was also inducted into Long Island Music Hall Of Fame in 2008. Baby Hold On was a flip on the Doris Day song Que Sera Sera whereas she tells her beau who knows what will happen, Eddie assures his doubting lover to trust him, that the future is in their hands. His fans held on and trusted Eddie and he rewarded them with a lifetime of great music.

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  1. macsnafu

     /  March 5, 2023

    I was never a big Eddie Money fan, but I loved his song Take Me Home Tonight with Ronnie Spector. But of course that’s an 80s song, not a 70s song.


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