The Things We Do For Love by 10cc (Mercury, 1977)

10cc is one of my favorite bands of all time. With their wry lyrical wit and musical virtuosity they truly kept the pop torch alive with songs sung & written in various turns by each member. When drummer Kevin Godley & guitarist Lol Creme left in late 1976 to go on to making albums as a duo as well as facial morphing videos, bassist Graham Gouldman and guitarist Eric Stewart kept 10cc in their syringe and injected us with their most perfect pop hit, The Things We Do For Love, which hit top Top 5 in the Spring of 1977. McCartney would have punched a seal in the neck to have a song like this one that year.

I have such a strong memory of being in the back of our powder blue Volkswagen Rabbit parked outside of a school where I had soccer practice. I was in the backseat turned towards the back window with a Filet O’Fish sandwich in its styrofoam container laying on the warm felt about the vinyl seat. And singing along to 10cc as it came through the back speaker. The “like walking in the rain and the snow” bridge is so sing-songy, you’d have sworn you’ve heard that melody before.

That’s when I was 5. Hey what the hell did I know about love anyway? Guess it didn’t matter because they made the pain seem so sweet.