Little Green Bag by George Baker Selection (Colossus, 1970)

In early 1970, Dutch Pop was beginning its invasion of the pop charts. First Shocking Blue’s Venus topped the charts. Then George Baker Selection put out an all points bulletin for the location of their Little Green Bag. A musical mix of early Beatles pop and mid-60s Motown, this 45 with the irresistible bass line peaked at #21 in the US.

This song would probably have been lost to us had it not been used in the opening credits of Reservoir Dogs. You can either credit Quentin Tarentino or the music supervisor Karyn Rachtman for that one. After usage in that film, the song became a global hit, hitting #1 in Japan.

But like a lot of Dutch pop, I have no idea what the hell they’re talking about. Or at least I didn’t until I read the lyrics:

Lookin’ back on the track for a little green bag,
Got to find just the kind or I’m losin’ my mind

Ahhh, it’s another stoner looking for his weed stash. Or his girlfriend won’t leave the house until she finds the purse that matches her miniskirt. But it’s probably about weed. So someone help this lonely guy out before he starts singing about white doves.