Sweet Lui-Louise by Ironhorse (Scotti Brothers, 1979)


When Randy Bachman left the red-hot Guess Who in 1971, many folks did not think he could equal that band’s success. But in 1974, Randy and the Bachman-Turner Overdrive lucked into a #1 hit, You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet, which was kinda meant as a joke. Even former partner Burton Cummings did a half-joking, half-jealous lounge version on his first solo LP.

In 1977 he had enough of the BTO’s constraints and wanted to do a solo album. [Quick – what was Turner’s first name? Answer at the end.] Bachman-Turner Overdrive wanted to continue without Randy but they couldn’t use Bachman’s name so they continued as BTO (even though Randy’s brother, Robbie was still in the band).

BTO would eventually flame out as would Randy’s solo career. So he decided to form a new band called Ironhorse. They released 2 albums, and in early 1979 they released a track called Sweet Lui-Louise, which hit #36, making the Randy the only Canadian to have Top 40 singles with different bands in one decade. It’s no wonder that Sweet Lui-Louise has some success, considering it was a rewritten version of You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet, complete with fake stuttering which again was merely a joke, one at the expense of his brother who had a speech impediment. So Randy got rich twice off of his sibling’s handicap. I thought Canadians were polite.

After Ironhorse’s 2nd 1980 LP, Randy would join, break-up, quit, or rejoin the following groups of people for the rest of his career: BTO, just Turner, with Turner as Union, BTO without Turner, Guess Who, Guess Who without Burton Cummings, just Burton Cummings, and with his son Tal Bachman, who had a Top 15 hit in 1999 called She’s So High.

BTW: Turner’s first name was Fred and also went by C.F.

Play the whole song and don’t fall asleep. Can you do it?