Sky High by Jigsaw (Chelsea, 1975)

Here’s another one of those songs that got me ramped up as kid. I would run around in the backyard acting out a complex movie scenario that I dreamt up in my head. Little did I know that the song was the theme to a Kung Fu movie called, The Dragon Flies or that it was patterned after Wings’ Live & Let Die.

Actually this band had been around since the late 60s and had released 4 albums before this single came out. There’s not much here lyrically, a lot being thrown up & down, round & round. For all I know they watched the twister scene in Wizard Of Oz and thought, “Right, there’s our single, mates.”

But musically they throw everything at you, a full orchestra complete with swirling strings, quick horn stabs to provide some tension, even some rolling tympani to start it off. Man why didn’t we do this tune in orchestra when I was in school. That would have been killer. Of course we did the Rocky theme many times, so I guess that makes up for it.