Baby Don’t Get Hooked On Me By Mac Davis (Columbia, 1972)

Man, that Mac Davis was smooth. He knew how to diss the ladies and keep em coming back for me. They never knew what hit them. So was it those “hot-blooded” women who made this tune a #1 hit for 3 weeks, or was it the guys taking notes, trying to get the wording and vibe down to make it with the chics?

Basically, Mac was a less ambiguous, more macho version of Mango. That’s right, this guy:

Same sentiment – you can’t handle it, so don’t even try. Let’s break it down:

Girl, you’re gettin’ that look in your eyes
And it’s startin’ to worry me

What’s starting to worry me is that he’s calling her a girl and does so four more times and then refers to her as a child. Besides the fact that it’s degrading, I’m wondering how old she is. Again it was a different time.

I ain’t ready for no family ties
Nobody’s gonna hurry me

Obviously, NBC  listened because Family Ties wouldn’t be created and air for another 10 years.

Just keep it friendly, girl, ’cause I don’t wanna leave

Mac, if you don’t want her, why would you keep her around? You’re sending her mixed messages, dude.

Don’t start clingin’ to me, girl, ’cause I can’t breathe

Now he’s referring to her as a demon python

Baby, baby, don’t get hooked on me
Baby, baby, don’t get hooked on me
’cause I’ll just use you then I’ll set you free
Baby, baby, don’t get hooked on me

Well, at least he’s honest. But remember the ultimatum here is ‘don’t want me or I’ll do you and never call you‘.

Girl, you’re a hot-blooded woman-child
And it’s warm where you’re touchin’ me

Dude, you’re letting a child touch you? You don’t seem to be fighting this very hard. If I had to guess where she’s touching you, I would say somewhere around the equator.

But I can tell by your tremblin’ smile
You’re seein’ way too much in me

Now I’m starting to wonder if Mac is fantasizing about this or if this is real. And seriously, how old is this chic???

Girl, don’t let your life get tangled up with mine
’cause I’ll just leave you, I can’t take no clingin’ vine

Again with choking metaphors….man this guy avoids commitment every step of the way. I’m not sure why anyone would be interested in him. He probably has a month-to-month phone plan, drives a leased car, and lives in an extended stay motel.