Wildfire by Michael Martin Murphey (Epic, 1975)

This tune hit #3, crossing over from the Country charts in 1975. I always dug songs that told a story, whether it was happy or depressing. Before music videos, I could develop my own little movie in my head that played along with the radio.

Basically, the story here is that some dude’s horse gets out in a blizzard, gets lost, and his girlfriend/wife/stable master runs after the horse. It seems that neither decides to come back. So he comes up with a great idea: do some late-night planting in freezing weather. Now whether it’s the fact that he’s got an owl screaming in his ear every night for the last week or that he may be suffering from hyperthermia from all of his moonlight gardening, he has completely lost his mind. Like some long-lost cowboy picture, he expects her to just ride up to his house on Wildfire, and they’re gonna take off together into the sunset.

It’s hard getting over broken relationships. Especially when you lose a horse to go with it.