Disco Duck by Rick Dees & His Cast Of Idiots (RSO, 1976)

Rick Dees is known for two things: his vastly inferior American Top 40-rip off countdown show and this fluke novelty hit that went to #1 in the Fall of 1976. It’s another reason people talk about 70s music sucking hard. I just assume that this was another lack of judgment by the buying public and the fact that Rick was a DJ and knew how to work this record up the charts.

Either way, I thought this song blew as a kid. “Try your luck, don’t be a cluck…”? Are you kidding me? That’s just sad. I guess he wrote this as a joke, maybe a dig at those macho ‘wild & crazy guys’ who hit on chicks as he steals the spotlight on the dancefloor. Disco was still relatively new when this song came out and still not exactly the mainstream. The only worse than pandering to stereotypes is creating them.

And by the way, this song isn’t even remotely disco. If a nightclub DJ played this his set, he’d have a Stonewall-sized rebellion unleashed on him in his booth.

By the way, the disco ‘craze’ that Rick hoped to squash with this record only propelled it more into the mainstream. And it would take a big detour from the nightclubs into family rec rooms just one year later.