Sweet City Woman by The Stampeders (Phillips, 1971)

Canada has always been a friendly neighbor to the North and has exported many popular musicians to the world, such as Neil Young (we owe you), Bryan Adams (we’re even) and Celine Dion (you owe big!) But no more was their influence on pop music felt than in the early 70s, when led by the Guess Who, the charts were filled pop bands from the Great White North. And in 1971, the Stampeders took their huge Canadian Country into the American Top 10, disarming us with their “country morning all smothered in dew”, their banjo and their “feel for singin'”.

The Canadian power trio (yes there were others besides Rush) talk about traveling to see their sweet city woman, by train no less. And they gotta catch the one at noon, otherwise they won’t make it. Man how far away to they live? I mean long distance relationships are hard to maintain. Guess they had to write her a song to keep this going. It’s gotta be a long ride if says goodbye to his ma & pa, the family, “neighbors and friends”. But hey who wouldn’t travel a long way to be with a woman who makes them feel “shiny & new’ even if she’s trying to jam macaroons down your throat.