Moonlight Feels Right by Starbuck (Private Stock, 1976)

I have this memory of being at a Lane Bryant’s in the Sunrise Mall with my mom, sitting on a display stand in the front of the store playing air marimba to this song. What a sight I’m sure that was! Every time I hear this song, I imagine I’m in my car, windows down, driving on a sunny day, blind to the fact that they’re singing about the night time. These guys brought out all the stops when it came to instrumenattion. In fact the marimba solo unwittingly became Starbuck’s gimmick. [see Everybody Be Dancin’] By the way the first Starbuck’s coffee opened 5 years before this song hit #3 in 1976.

So what are they singing about? Well let’s take a look. Singer Bruce Blackman has a low-key slick delivery, but coupled with what he sings, it feels damn sleazy. The look doesn’t help much.

It seems that Bruce picked up a hitchhiker somewhere around the Chesapeake Bay area. She winked at him and knew it was on. So he tried to find a place to park to get some. But just in case she has second thought, he has the “sky to dose a potion”, basically Hello Rufies (or the 70s equivalent). Maybe he’s saying ‘this guy’ and but he wrote down ‘the sky’, in case there’s a trial.

Now that they arrived at their spot, with a clear view of the moon & stars, he makes sure to check that she’s not jailbait (and check for the listeners sake and his lawyer’s). Went to Ole Miss? Check. Graduated in 1974? Check. Unless she’s a child prodigy, she’s over 18 and good to go. Time to give the moon ‘a wet kiss to make the tide rise again’. So I guess ol Bruce needs a little assplay to get himself excited. Ha ha ha. He likes to follow all of kinky requests with a smarmy little laugh.

By the way how does he play the radio on Southern stations when he’s up in Maryland? Does he think she’ll be impressed with his knowledge of short wave radio?

Now it’s the next day and the morning comes. That sun starts making Bruce horny so he immediately lets her know that he wants some tonight and that he & her will be doing it all over again tonight: the trip beside the ocean, dropping the top near the Chesapeake Bay and getting dosed by this guy, I mean ‘the sky’….ha ha ha, moonlight.

Think about that next time you order a Venti Latte.