My Angel Baby by Toby Beau (RCA, 1978)

There is no such person as Toby Beau. That’s the first problem. In fact, the singer was mistakenly called Toby so much he said the hell with it and took on that persona. If you see him performing down in Texas, he will answer to Toby. True story. FYI: Toby Beau was the name of a wooden shrimp boat in Port Isabel. Better to have left it at that and have come up with something better for your band, guys. But I digress.

This late 50s/early 60s style ballad fit in perfectly on the radio in a time where everyone had a Grease fever and waited patiently every Tuesday night for an episode of Happy Days. The lyrics basically tell a story of a guy who realizes it’s over with his (I’ll assume) girlfriend, mainly cause he doesn’t feel the love, which leads him to think there’s someone else. So knowing he has limited time, he realizes he has one more shot at some goodbye sex before getting dumped. I’m sure this song was heavily played at proms and even weddings due to the “You’re my angel baby” lyric in the chorus, ignoring the fact that this is a breakup song [see also Every Breath You Take by The Police]

“….and now, would you please welcome the newly wedded couple as they take their first dance together to My Angel Baby….”

…we’ve got trouble, something’s just not right…