Please Come To Boston by Dave Loggins (Epic, 1974)

The most popular Loggins in 1974 wasn’t named Kenny. No, he had a Messina-sized albatross around his neck keeping him out of the Top 40 that year while his cousin, Dave, slipped into the Top 5 with Please Come To Boston. It would actually take Kenny another 4 years to hit the Top 5 with ‘friend’ Stevie Nicks, but that’s for another post. Let’s talk about one-hit wonder Dave, who just couldn’t seem to get his girl to uproot herself and live with him. Why? Let’s see…

First Dave wants her to move to Boston during the Spring. I’ve been to Boston in May and it’s no picnic. It’s windy & cold & rainy. And people aren’t exactly your best friends. They say New Yorkers are rude….please, they have nothing on Bostonians. Plus Dave offers up some questionable living arrangements – hang out in a house with a bunch of his friends. Is it a commune? The SLA? Who cares? While Dave is getting high with his buds you can be out on the street making some bread selling your paintings in the cool New England windy & rainy spring weather. Not exactly a Wheel of Fortune-winning trip to Puerto Vallarta.

Then Dave offers the beautiful snowy confines of Denver where they can move up into the mountains so far that we can’t be found. For those who have seen The Shining, I think we know how this one ends.

By the end Dave is in L.A. (he’s changed his mind 3 times in under 3 minutes). He sounds so desperate and needy, whining that a California life alone is just to hard to build. Obviously the great weather is pissing this guy off. Maybe he’d be better off in Seattle where it rains constantly. Another selling point: stars that fell from the sky are living up on a hill. Are those plan crash survivors or did David Crosby drop by for some ‘tea’ time?

I feel bad for Dave cause he just doesn’t get it. The dude’s a drifter and he can’t get himself to stop. If he’d listen to his own song, he would hear his woman saying that she’s not gonna join him wherever he is cause there ain’t no gold. She’s a gold digger, Dave. Or she needs some more money to keep your Tennessee fan club running, of which there is one member.

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