Chick-A-Boom (Don’t Ya Jes Love It) by Daddy Dewdrop (Sunflower, 1971)

This song was originally created for the cartoon, The Groovy Ghoulies, in the same manner as Sugar Sugar was created for The Archies. But after its release wasn’t very successful, Dick Monda aka Daddy Dewdrop took it back, changed some lyrics and voila – a Top 10 record. Daddy doesn’t sing as much as slyly talks his way through this psychedelic masturbation fantasy this guy has.

Chick-A-Boom has this loony feel that you would expect out of a cartoon song, especially when the lyrics don’t make much sense. Kids don’t care that much anyway, so long as its entertaining. Daddy finds himself having a crazy dream about a chick in a black bikini and then she disappears. He finds three doors and the top of the bikini. So is he in a woman’s changing room or on stage at Let’s Make A Deal? Behind door #1 is a party where they say ‘freaky’ things like ‘Chick-A-Boom’. [For those that don’t know, chick-a-boom is something that was said in reference to a sexy dancer or stripper. It’s also used in camp singalongs and a children’s book. Awesome.]

Now Daddy has found the 2nd half of bikini which means he’s now chasing a naked woman. So he opens door #2 and he thinks he’s in Africa. Say wha? Why on earth would he think that? Oh because of Little Richard singing Tutti Fruitti. Makes total sense. It’s just Daddy Dewdrop and his cartoon jingle style.

Yes, the guy in the middle.

So in the middle of thinking about getting a naked girl, he’s also thinking about a gay dude. And he might be a little racist. But he has no time for a Rainbow Coalition. Instead, he has the gall to tell Little Richard to shut up and tell where the girl is. Richard proceeds to tell him to ‘shut up, girl’ and gives him the chick-a-boom line again. Now Daddy is pretty messed up and confused. He opens door #3 and there she is. And wouldn’t you know it? Rather than acting real smooth, he just utters Chick-A-Boom. Hahahaha – what fun!

At this point, Daddy wakes up, changes his sheets and goes to the store to rent, Don’t Knock The Rock.

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  1. The only thing that could make that song dodgier would be if it was recorded by a sex offender. Step forward 53rd and 3rd, alias Jonathan King!


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