Ma Belle Amie by the Tee Set (Colossus, 1970)

The Dutch were slowly taking over the US charts in the early 70s and here’s another one that hit the Top 5 from the band, The Tee Set. Ma Belle Amie was their one & only hit, sung by a guy who sounds like he was eating something during the recording. Was his mouth full of space brownies?

Ma Belle Amie or My Beautiful Friend seems like a cute little love song til you realize that the guy is getting dumped. The lyrics aren’t that obvious because of the way he pronounces them, so I had to read what they were. My man is feeling some pain. The sing-songy handclap & organ chorus seems upbeat but is incredibly sarcastic.

Let the bells ring. Let the birds sing
Let’s all give my substitute a big cheer
Let the bells ring. Let the birds sing
For the man after him waits here

Hip Hip Hooray for the guy that my girlfriend has decided to get it on with. And when she’s done with him – hip hip hooray for me and my sloppy seconds. Huh? Love will mess you up. No doubt about that. But how about some self-respect, dude?

I understand that she was a child of the sun and the sky and the deep blue sea, whatever that means and that you thought you were her only friend. You see that was your mistake. Your hippie mind told you – “I’ll hit on this wallflower. She’ll be so desperate for attention that she’ll do anything I want her to. And, no other competition to worry about, man.” Maybe that’s why you were amazed that she left you. Her hippie mind figured – “Hey if this dude’s into me, maybe some others who shower more than once a week will be too. Thanks for the confidence, friendo.”

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  1. Robin Green

     /  May 29, 2016

    Wow you are so wrong he implies she realized she made a mistake and returns to her real love. Jeeezzzz sloppy seconds? Stop it just stop and shame on you

  2. Vito

     /  September 14, 2017

    I think you’re both wrong. It’s a father giving away his daughter to her new husband.

  3. W.B.

     /  March 15, 2021

    Tellingly, it was the only one of the three “Dutch Invasion” hits palmed off by Jerry Ross’ Colossus label to be stereo. The other two – the biggie “Venus” by The Shocking Blue and “Little Green Bag” by the George Baker Selection – were mono.


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