Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again by the Fortunes (Capitol, 1971)

Pop music was becoming a competitive business by the late 60s. There were lots of great records out, each artist & songwriter competing for their place on the charts. Two British songwriters, Roger Cook & Roger Greenaway, decided that one song at a time was not enough. They would write tunes, have them recorded and put them out under different names. This way radio stations would think they were separate bands. But really it was one team putting out tons of records until they were competing with themselves. As a team, with additional writers and separately, they started to rack up hit after hit in the US & in the U.K. In the summer of 1971, they had a big hit with Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again by The Fortunes, who also recorded their first big in 1966 [You Got Your Troubles].

Falling the under the genre of British bubblegum, this track had the pleasure of satisfying any fans of the Four Seasons or Frankie Valli. Those guys couldn’t get arrested in the early 70s, but the Fortunes and especially lead singer, Rod Allen do their best to fill the void with a song that would have fit nicely between Let’s Hang On & Tell It To The Rain (irony not withstanding) in their catalogue. The song is so bubbly and upbeat, you’d think that a rainy day feeling but might something fun to feel. Until he lets you that the rain is his tears falling down on him. Happy times!

Actually I’ve tried to figure out what’s going on with this dude. On the surface, it seems like he’s just missing a girl and wishes she was with him. But who and why? Let’s try to figure this out:

Here comes that rainy day feeling again,
and soon my tears will be falling like rain.
It always seems to be a Monday,
Leftover memories of Sunday always spent with you.
Before the clouds appeared, and took away my sunshine.

My question is, is the Sunday-Monday a veiled reference to a weekend lover? Is this guy in the Reserves? Is he talking about his freedom from his job? Or is this a cheap Sunday/Monday rhyme?

Here comes that rainy day feeling again,
and I’ll be dreaming of you baby in vain.

In vain? Giving up so easily? Or is the chic married? Or is he married? Or both? See isn’t this song more interesting already…

Your face is always on my mind, girl,
I’m hoping you’re soon gonna find, girl, your way back to me,
’cause if you’ll say you’ll stay,
the rainy days will go away.

Ok, I’m putting it together. They used to be together. She left him for another and he hasn’t gotten over her. Snooze… that’s too boring. Hold on, it’s my favorite part of the song – the Phil Spector breakdown.

Misty morning eyes, I’m trying to disguise the way I feel.
But I just can’t hide it.
People seem to know, the loneliness will show.
I’m thinking of my pride, but breaking up inside, girl.

Oh, I got it. The guy spends his weekends tripping on acid. But rather than talk about the White Rabbit part of it, he’s talking about coming down, the I-need-some-warm-milk part. Trying to disguise the way I feel – fantasy giving in to reality. People seem to know – there’s the paranoia. Breaking up inside – the flashbacks.

Never realized this song was another druggie pop tune, huh? You’re welcome…now take a listen and dig those vibes (but stay away from the brown stuff)