Diamond Girl by Seals & Crofts (Warner Bros, 1973)

38 years ago, Diamond Girl by Jim Seals & Dash Crofts shined its way into the Top 10. It was their 2nd Top 10 hit & album and secured the duo a spot at the famous California Jam festival in 1974. Not bad for a couple of guys who 15 years previous were touring the country singing, Tequila.

Say what? That’s right. When the Champs had a left field #1 hit in 1958 with the aforementioned instrumental, they needed some musicians to play the song live as the Champs. Jim & Dash were hired along with guitarist Glen Campbell to go out on tour. And it would be 2 decades later when Jim & Dash were in their early 30s, that they would start making the mark on the charts.

Seals & Crofts were billed as a folk duo. But as their career progressed there were plenty of other elements in their sound as well, such as jazz, pop & soul. [Check out Eddie Kendricks’ version of Diamond Girl to hear those elements drawn out even further.] From the opening bass note held over an alternating kick drum & cymbal clip to the call & answer of the guitar and piano chords – da-da-da daaaa-daaaa – this song has always been a welcome addition to my day when I hear it on the radio.

Jim & Dash may not be playing much anymore. But the Seals & Crofts moniker lives on since each of their daughters has gotten together to play. I think I would have preferred The Diamond Girls.

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